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Rolling Home

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Joshua Orbe

I am excited to go back home to the Philippines. I miss my pets and my bed. I miss going to the mall with my friends and going on food runs. I miss the cluttered cities and wide open spaces of my province. I miss the sound of the insects at night, and the voice of the random karaoke singer singing his heart out in the middle of the night. I look forward to having Christmas back home. It is a spectacle unlike any other in the world. The whole country comes alive to make noise. No one is a stranger and we all share in th joy of the season. People honk car horns and almost every family in the country sets off fireworks.

I look forward to seeing my idol (dad), my first love (mom), and my best friend (sister). I look forward to seeing my friends and teachers. I imagine the roads and buildings and TV shows are all new, but home is home.

I plan to make a visit to my dad and my alma mater, the Philippine Military Academy. It holds a special place in our lives but it has had many issues lately. I want to know how my classmates are doing and I want to share my experiences as a cadet here at the Coast Guard Academy to hopefully improve their system and give them a different perspective and philosophy.