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Winter Has Come

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Joshua Orbe

It is hard for me to believe that I have been at the Academy for five months now. I have had so many life-changing experiences in my time here. I have taken in all the sights of New York with Glee and have traveled north to Montreal with the Windjammers. From first arriving, to starting Swab Summer, getting to Flag Day and Eagle; from starting of school, to performing at the Alumni Homecoming and seeing my mom on Parents’ Weekend, I have seen myself and the people around me grow and change like the seasons.

Speaking of changing seasons, it is so cold now. I have to put on many more layers. I have never seen snow like this before. One would expect someone that has never seen snow before would find it magical and picturesque. It was when the first flakes fell. The campus looked so beautiful. My amazement would not last though. While taking a nap one day, a snowstorm rolled into New London. When I woke up, the view outside my window scared me. The parade field was pure white, buried in snow. Streets, trees, and statues were covered. It frightened me. Maybe I watch too many apocalypse movies.