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Let The Holiday Festivities Begin

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Katherine Doty

Once cadets arrive back at the Academy, often overly full from various Thanksgiving feasts, it is go time. But not just because it’s time to prepare for finals, but rather because it’s time to prepare for winter holidays. While each cadet may celebrate different holidays in unique ways, some activities bring the whole Corps together.

Around the first Saturday of December, the Cadet Activities Council puts on the Winter Formal. With the assistance of the incredible Wardroom staff, cadets dine on exquisite dishes. Soon after dinner, they proceed to Leamy Ballroom to take in the beautiful decorations while dancing the night away.

After returning from Thanksgiving break, cadets are allowed to decorate not just their own rooms, but also the common areas surrounding their respective companies. From full-size Christmas trees to ornately decorated doors to thousands of twinkling lights, the barracks seem to come to life with the warm holiday feeling that many hold in their hearts.

Before the Corps departs for winter leave, one final activity brings everyone together: the Holiday Dinner. Dressed in festive attire, cadets deviate from their normal buffet dinner routines and instead come together to dine like an actual family would over the holidays. Table conversations are filled with reminiscing about how much everyone has grown over the past semester, excitement for plans to be carried out over winter leave, and hope for safe, happy, and healthy holidays for friends, both old and new.

With that, I’d like to wish all of you reading this Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!