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Summer and Fall Semester Recap

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Amelia Krause

Hey everyone! It has been a very busy start to the school year. The past summer I got to go to San Francisco which was exciting because I never have been to the West Coast. The mentorship there was great as everyone was patient in teaching us and eager to help us learn. I got to know my classmates better during my brief time there and on the Eagle as well. Both were great learning opportunities and time to build upon new friendships. My favorite part of Eagle was doing the swim call, which was an incredible experience I still can’t believe I did. The best way I can describe the water is a Gatorade blue and very salty of course!

Since it is my second year, I am taking more major-specific classes, which are marine biology and oceans. So far they are really interesting and the labs are fun as we get to go outside and do hands on work. I also take golf and badminton classes, which is a nice break during the day!

Running has also been awesome as it’s about the middle of the season and lots of improvement on the team. Some of us were able to compete at Harkness, which is our home meet. It's a flat course and familiar since its one of the places we do our off campus workouts. Even if you aren’t a runner I would recommend checking out the park as it’s a nice place to walk and a small beach as well.