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Distinguished Graduate Panel 2019

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Jasmine Rodriguez

The Distinguished Graduate Panel corpswide this year was riveting and inspiring. The visiting graduates shared some fantastic stories and advice that were refreshingly welcome halfway through the fall semester. Their experiences and units included gender policy, Marine Safety Detachment American Samoa, Office of Inclusion and Diversity, and the Geographic Liaison for the Women’s Leadership Initiative. Here are some of the best quotes I was able to jot down from their interviews!

“No one’s going to do it for you.”
“Know your goals and how to convey them to others.”
“Appreciate the people around you.”
“Stay humble.”
“Advocate for others.”
“Be your authentic selves.”
“Cut yourself some slack.”
“Embrace the grind!”
“Love this place and it will love you back.”

Each panelist echoed the other in their emphases on interacting with people, both cadets and faculty. They reinforced the need to network with the fantastic resources available here on campus and in the community. More than anything else, they reaffirmed my passion and gratitude in being here at the world’s best Coast Guard Academy.