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My Summer Internship: The Perfect Fit

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Amy Chamberlin

My summer internship was at the Marine Safety Center at Coast Guard Headquarters (CGHQ) in Washington D.C. While there I was comparing sub-chapters T and L from the Code of Federal Regulations in regards to intact and damage stability for a vessel used involved with the Block Island Wind Farm. I am very interested and motivated to become a marine inspector and make a career out of the Coast Guard, so this internship was a perfect fit.

Being able to physically see the application of the topics we learn in class has been very beneficial to learning the important Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering concepts during my internship. I was able to be part of a simplified stability test in Cape May, New Jersey, which directly correlated to what I have learned in my major. As part of this program, I completed marine inspections, experienced the naval engineering side of the Coast Guard, and visited the Pentagon and Air Station Washington.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected].