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Can’t Find Your Sport or Club Team?

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Stephanie Burckhard

Hello! I want to write about the sports life here at the Academy so I’ll give some more background about myself beforehand. I was a varsity tennis player at my high school in Arizona for about two years. I also played violin in the combined orchestra at my school. Looking at colleges, the CGA was one of few that did not offer women’s tennis or have an orchestra. I was a little disappointed but this did not defer me from accepting my appointment. So, I had to do some “test runs” with the sports and club teams offered here during my 4/c year. I tried crew and rugby, but I eventually ended up with a bass drum on the football field. I don’t regret a single decision I made about joining Windjammers Drum and Bugle Corps. Even though I had only played piano and violin before I arrived, the band welcomes anyone with musical background or interest. Before I knew it, I was stepping off to perform at the second home football game with the drumline. Windjammers actually has a full fall semester schedule. We perform at every home football game, travel to showcases at schools across New England, perform at McGill University, and are in the Veteran’s Day Parade in New York City. Nearly every weekend there is some Windjammers bus full of band enthusiasts driving to the next performance. I absolutely love the band and never really thought I’d join a marching band. We have practice every day and when the weather permits, we practice outside in the parking lot or down in the lower fields by the rugby team practice. Sadly, Windjammers is only a fall credit so during the spring semester, I look to new activities.

During my 4/c and 3/c years I was the manager for the men’s tennis team. It was great to watch and help out the team. My advice to prospective cadets is don’t close the door just yet if the CGA doesn’t offer your sport. Venture out there during sports period and find something new!

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you have. I can be reached at [email protected].