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The Upcoming Summer

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Greg Costello

Hey everyone!

I wanted to give an update on where I’ll be headed this summer since classes have finished and the end of finals week is near. 4/c year has flown by; it is weird to think back to almost a year ago when I reported in and compare how much my life has changed since then. Each summer here is a little different; of course your first experience is Swab Summer, where you transition from being a civilian to the member of the military over seven short weeks. Starting this weekend, my second summer here begins as I fly to Germany and meet the USCGC Eagle. I will be sailing for five weeks around northern Europe with half of my classmates aboard, which I am super stoked for. I am looking forward to putting the skills I have learned in my introduction to navigation class into action while I practice celestial navigation and plotting. In the different European ports we visit, I will be giving tours of Eagle, going out on liberty, and standing watch dockside.

After those five weeks are up, I will be headed to Station Cortez in Florida for the second phase of my summer, which will last six weeks. With one other 4/c cadet, I will be getting qualified in different areas, engaging with enlisted personnel, and learning valuable lessons from the actual CG fleet that I can internalize. While some of my friends back home are struggling to find an internship or a summer job, I know my summer will be jam packed with awesome learning opportunities and chances to explore different areas of the world. 4/c year has been tough and rewarding, I have learned a lot about who I am as a student and as a cadet working to be an officer in the United States Coast Guard. I will hopefully be able to update you all throughout the summer wherever my travels take me.


4/c Greg Costello