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Approaching 3/c Summer

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Amelia Krause

It’s only the beginning of April, but I don’t think I have ever been so excited for the school year to end. For starters, I am ready for the conclusion of my fourth class year. I came here as a 4/c not knowing anything and eager to learn everything. During my first semester, my division was in charge of drill which included a great group of people who became my mentors. Then, for my second semester, I have been able to express my creativity through morale activities and have had so many wonderful opportunities. One of my favorite events was making s’mores and I’m looking forward to coordinating the Easter egg hunt. One of my firsties is 1/c Alicen Re who was the former Charlie Company Commander in the fall semester. She is one of the upper class who has always been very encouraging and ready to help.

For my summer assignment, I am eager to share with you the fact that I will be going to San Francisco to board Eagle prior to her voyage to Europe. I have never been to either place so it will be an adventure for sure. I will also get to know my classmates better.

Although I am excited for the academic year to end, I will be sad to see our 1/c leave. I have gotten to know so many in our company as well as on the track team including 1/c Anita Green who is our spring Regimental Commander and just got an 18:10 in the 5K! Time will always pass by, but the memories that you make with people will last.