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Sports and Activities at the Academy

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Jasmine Rodriguez

Though I am not currently in any varsity sports, I did have a great opportunity here at the Academy that I might not have had anywhere else. CGA does a fantastic job of including everyone and encouraging everyone from walk-ons to experienced athletes to join a sport of their liking. In my first semester, I was able to try Women’s Crew for the first time in my life, and I really enjoyed it. I quickly found that balancing desires and obligations here is about deciding how much you can take on while also still taking care of yourself. I had split myself between a varsity-level sport, performing arts, and more clubs than I could count! I eventually left the crew team to participate in and eventually lead the Academy’s Drama Club, but I still really enjoyed my time with the other girls. Crew is an expensive, intense sport that requires full-team practice to really achieve that synchronized, perfect boat. Here, I was able to walk onto the team with no experience, and I was welcomed eagerly by all other members. Our regattas were fun and in beautiful locations around New England, and the camaraderie of the team is one of the best on campus. I was able to leave on a happy note because the other girls supported my decision to pursue what made me happy, and that’s what most team sports are like at the Coast Guard Academy. Each sport is a family within the bigger Coast Guard family, full of mentors and friends who will support you no matter what.

I try to bring the same thing to Drama Club – a performing art worth an equivalent sports credit. We practice like other teams in order to perfect our individual and team-based skills of acting or doing technical work on stage. I compare our practices to the other sports, and I compare our final performance to a championship. Even though Drama Club is not necessarily competing with any other teams, we are competing with ourselves by developing and showing our skills on stage to an audience of peers and community members. Like other sports, we develop teamwork, leadership, management, performance under pressure, and even confidence and public speaking.

Whether you’re athletic, artistically inclined, or both, everyone can find an activity that fits them here.