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Are There Really Enough Hours in the Day?

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Annabella Farabaugh

The Academy is a very busy place. The military and athletic obligations on top of a course load of around 20 credit hours make your time very limited. In the beginning, many cadets struggle with time management. I was fortunate enough to go to preparatory high school that taught me how to manage my time very efficiently. Still, playing a sport at the Academy can feel like just another obligation. I play basketball, which means I begin pre-season workouts in August or early September and end the season in late February or early March. There are a lot of long weekends that we play during and many school nights filled by away games.

To manage this extra stress on my schedule, I plan things obsessively. My planner is like my Bible. I do homework on weekends or off-periods to stay on top of my work. The single tool that has helped me the most to manage my time is establishing a hard bed time. I go to bed at 2230 every school night. That means that I don’t have time to procrastinate on my work. If I can’t finish an assignment, I still go to bed at 2230. This forces me to work ahead and be productive during the day. It also makes sure I get enough sleep so that I can perform well the next day athletically and academically. Additionally, I don’t watch any TV or Netflix during the school semesters and the only social media I keep is Facebook. Time management is a lot about asking yourself what you want to get out of your day and your life and planning accordingly. I don’t really care about social media and I would rather read or sleep than watch TV. I want to get good grades, become a better basketball player, and become a stronger leader so I try to manage my time in a way that makes that possible.

Athletics are so worth it. Being on a team has added a lot of richness to my life. Not only has it helped me make friends, but it has also taught me more about myself and effective leadership then any other aspect of Academy life. It’s not the sport itself that has been so valuable, but the involvement in something that demands personal growth and teamwork. Even with all the work required at the Academy, you can and should dedicate time to your sport. There are enough hours in the day to do everything you want, you just have to prioritize what is important to you.