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Opening a Window

(Choosing the Academy, Class of 2022) Permanent link   All Posts
Ryan Taylor

Every one of the past 17 years, a new window has been opened to me, now with a remarkable view of the life of a cadet at the Coast Guard Academy. Having grown up locally, my family hosted new sponsor cadets every year. Talking with them about the experiences, challenges, and opportunities presented by the Academy painted a clear picture of the life of a cadet. This experience gave me a fantastic feel for what to expect, making my decision to attend much easier.

My goal as a blogger for the Academy is to give perspective students and their families the same glimpse into life at the Academy that I was afforded. While it is impossible to speak with each person individually, blogging is a way to share my experiences with them. Additionally, the opportunity to provide applicants or those interested in the Academy with my contact information makes me excited to communicate one-on-one with those hoping to learn more.

Lastly, throughout my time in middle and high school my family traveled during the summer and would keep a blog of our escapades. We took turns writing one entry a day and posting it with photos so that close friends and family could follow along. I was delighted when it was my turn to write and relished the opportunity to craft words in a way that accurately represented my experiences and emotions. Being a cadet blogger would allow me to continue my love of blogging with the added challenges of a broader audience and representation of the Academy.