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Why Blog?

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Merrill Cline

I love writing. Maybe not so much formal writing for class, but fun informal stories where I can just put down what I’m thinking. Writing makes me feel better, whether I’m just trying to organize what I need to get done, or maybe writing about when I have a bad day. I started keeping a weekly journal during Swab Summer and will continue to write in it for probably a long time. I highly recommend doing this at the Academy, it definitely helps you feel more positive and it’s really cool to look back at how you were feeling in that moment in time. I know that it gets kind of difficult to find detailed information about what Academy life is like, but this is the best place to find the raw, uncut stories about everyday life, what to expect, and what to look out for.

When I was in high school, I wanted to come here more than anything in the world, and now that I’m here, I really hope I can be of assistance those of you who are just like I was. If you have a mission to come here and become an officer in the United States Coast Guard one day, keep working hard and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Find out what drives you to succeed and never forget it, let it motivate you to give your all at everything you do. If you always remember what inspires you, then you will not fail. By writing these blogs, I hope I can help you find some more inspiration and things to look forward to here at the Coast Guard Academy. I’m super excited to keep writing to all of you and I hope you stay tuned for more entries in the future. Thanks for reading!