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My Academy Story Begins Here

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Jack Brunswick

I started a personal blog in high school and have kept a personal journal for five years, which I utilize to track my goals and explore my personal thoughts to explore and better myself as a person and leader. More importantly, our own thoughts and actions are meaningless unless they can be shared with others, so I hope to utilize my blog posts to reach readers in a positive manner regarding the readers’ understanding of the Coast Guard Academy and the Academy’s reputation.

I believe I understand people well and can reach out to them efficiently through writing. I enjoy topics involving philosophy, productivity, and psychology. My goal as a cadet blogger is to provide insightful, enjoyable reads for viewers and to hopefully grow the Coast Guard Academy’s blogging audience. As a cadet blogger I will provide an accurate, yet unique perspective on Academy life for you, the reader. As a basketball player and track runner I will provide unique voice for student-athletes and how they manage Academy life. I want my posts to be personal and relatable so readers can have a clear idea on what the Academy is like.

I look forward to bettering myself as a writer and serving a greater purpose in the Cadet Blog Club by bringing a positive light on the Coast Guard Academy. My goal is for my readers to understand the reality of academy life ─ good and bad. I take pride in my writing and hope that viewers take pride in the Academy and appreciate it after reading my posts. This is my story and I hope to take you along for the adventure.