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My Decision to be a Blogger

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Ali Kneiblher

When I accepted my appointment, I knew I wanted to be a blogger when I came here. During my initial research for the Academy, I found the cadet blogs and read many of them. I really liked learning about the Academy from the perspective of a cadet. I enjoyed reading about all of the activities and sports that are available to cadets. It made it easier for me to be able to imagine myself as a cadet and gave me a better idea of what life was really like at the Academy.

I want to be able to help people and share my experiences with others. I’ve been having such a good time so far, and I want potential cadets to have a good understanding of the many different things that go on at the Academy. I found out about a few of the clubs that I have joined because of the cadet blogs that I read during the application process. I found them very helpful during my application process, and I want to give back and help people like these blogs helped me when I was trying to make my decision to come here.