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Bears, Beats, Blogs

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Sabrina Robertson

In my journey of applying to the Academy, I remember scouring the Academy website for any information I could get my hands on. Being from Florida, it wasn’t that easy for me to go to the Academy to figure out what it was like. I found the cadet blogs and was thrilled to find that I could learn a little more about what cadet life was like. I read them religiously and it truly helped me with my decision to apply here. So, when the opportunity came along for me to have a blog of my own I was ecstatic!

My schedule this semester is crazy busy. I started to put things into my calendar and was wide eyed realizing how little sleep I will be getting the next few months! Being a Civil Engineer, my classes have started getting harder as I dive into the major specific courses. I am also in soccer season, which adds another level of activity. It is all in good fun though! It’s always worth it for things you enjoy.

I not going to lie, the Academy can seem impossible sometimes. However, having the experience at FSU for a year, I’ll tell you that the challenges of college are everywhere! There’s no way to avoid the late nights, tired eyes, LOTS of coffee drinking, and sometimes crying (lol yes it’s normal!). BUT there is way to make all of those things better!! Finding great support systems like friends in your company and on your team, making sure you laugh and smile at everything, and just keeping a positive attitude. Because the Academy is so small there are many people that you can reach out to for help or if you just need a laugh. The thing I love about the Academy is that everyone wants you to succeed, and you are all striving toward a common goal. So, you will always find help and you will always have someone to go through everything with!!

Even though I know this year is going to be hard, I am SO excited. I hope I can share some of my year through these blogs so you guys (whoever’s reading these things) can follow along!