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Reaching Out to Let Go

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2021) Permanent link   All Posts
Felicia Lombardi

Everyone needs an outlet. At a school with rigorous academics, high military expectations, and demanding physical performance the last thing anybody needs to bear is the burden of excess stress. While exercise like running and swimming have, in the past, allowed me to clear my head and keep moving forward, I find that the Academy requires a different type of rejuvenation, one that is slightly less exerting. Writing, or in this case, blogging, has been able to fill that role for me.

Writing has always been a passion of mine because it is one of the only times that you can talk and talk and talk but do not have to worry about anybody listening and commenting until you are ready to be heard. Without the instantaneous fear of judgement or criticism, writing has always made communication easier for me. On top of that, seeing my thoughts and feelings on paper helps me be truly honest with both myself and others.

I want to share that honesty with others through my passion for the Coast Guard Academy. The person I am today is a far better version of the person I was on R-Day in 2017, and if I can help just one other person in achieving that same level of growth, regardless of whether they choose to join the Long Blue Line, then I will feel fulfilled. And so, with that, welcome! I look forward to sharing the rest of my cadet experience with you.