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How I Got Here

(Choosing the Academy, Class of 2021) Permanent link   All Posts
Erin Holland

If you read my bio, you will see that I am from Arkansas. I grew up in a small rural town of around 7,000 people where everyone knows everyone. My family has a lumber farm and a small convenient store where my siblings and I worked growing up, and I wouldn’t change that for the world. The main point of this entry is to answer why I want to be a blogger, but I can’t answer that without explaining why I came to the Academy in the first place. I never considered the military as a career for myself. I had heard of the service academies in passing, but I did not understand what they truly were or the opportunities that are available at them. I began to learn more about them when my older brother decided to apply to several academies for college. He received an appointment from the Coast Guard Academy. He accepted and began to prepare for his Swab Summer. I still was clueless as to what he was about to go through and how he would mature through this new lifestyle.

Flash forward to June of 2014 on R-Day (or Day One as it is called now.) We dropped my brother off and went to the functions prepared for family. Throughout the day, I saw people getting screamed at everywhere, and everyone looked miserable. Right then I said, “I will never do this! This looks horrible!” We said goodbye to him, and I endured a summer of my mother glued to Paul Duddy’s Facebook pictures while she scanned frantically for any sight of my brother. Flash forward again to the summer of 2015 before I entered my junior year. My brother was completing his 3/c summer in the fleet, and I had the opportunity to tour the cutter he was stationed on. I was able to see how the cutter functioned as well as learned about its role in the Coast Guard. I was fascinated and began to ask my brother for information about the Academy and what it was all about. I then researched the Academy and learned everything I could. I then applied regular action in November of 2016, and I received my appointment February of 2017. I then went through Swab Summer and made it through 4/c year with a 1/c brother to spoil me and drive me around. Now, I am a 3/c who is still learning how to create a balance between personal time, military obligations, and the endless homework piled up on my desk 24/7. I believe that I have a unique perspective when it comes to the Academy, and I want to share my experiences with others. I am a blunt person, and I will not sugarcoat my time here. If you have questions, do not hesitate to email me at [email protected].