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I Could Never Do That

(Choosing the Academy, Class of 2021) Permanent link   All Posts
Annabella Farabaugh

I wanted to start writing blogs because I remember that reading them as a high school student helped me decide that this was the place for me! I feel very fortunate to be at the Academy and I hope, by sharing my thoughts, you can begin to appreciate the Academy, too. One of my goals coming to the Academy was to become a strong leader who can help others reach their full potential. If you are considering the Academy, I’d love to help you make your decision! Writing for the Cadet Blog program is a way to reach out and provide information and guidance to people that were just like me a few short years ago.

I didn’t come from a military family. My grandpa served in the Army but no one in my immediate family was in the military. I had never even heard of the Academy until I got an email from a coach here. I remember watching the promotional video the coach had sent that showed Coasties jumping out of helicopters, rescuing people off capsized vessels, marching with rifles, seizing drugs, and patrolling tropical coasts. I told my mom that I could never do that. But, the video must have sparked something because next thing I knew I was looking up what majors the Academy offered. I was scared that the school would be like a prison, with no freedoms. I scheduled a visit and I learned what a military academy was. I didn’t know the American flag was called the National Ensign, that cadre was pronounced ‘cod-ray,’ or that you saluted with your right hand. I knew absolutely nothing about being in the military. It didn’t matter! I was quickly indoctrinated during the summer training period, known as Swab Summer. You don’t need to know anything about the military or the Coast Guard as a prospective cadet, all you need is that spark. If you watch a video and feel excited and inspired, then this might be the place for you!