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Hoping for Eagle this Summer

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Jasmine Rodriguez

I am passionate about returning to CGC Eagle this summer. I greatly enjoyed the whole experience both during Swab Summer and 3/c summer. The cadets I looked up to most were the 2/c I met on Eagle, and I hope to both model their leadership style and develop my own. Being cadre would give me a chance to see all the incoming swabs and practice various leadership techniques as the division changes every week. It also provides an environment where I can work on mentoring and active listening, as well as enabling others to act through the rigorous responsibilities of all cadets aboard. Eagle gives the swabs a different kind of challenging training environment, one that allows them to take charge and manage themselves a little more than during the rest of the summer. The incoming 4/c have a chance to demonstrate their personality, values, and ability in a different perspective from that of Chase Hall.

For similar reasons, even though I wanted to put Eagle down for all three of my choices, I had to include Academy Introduction Mission (AIM) as well. I wanted to select the cadre sections that had the biggest impact on me when I was trying to earn a spot at the Academy. I still remember my AIM cadre’s names, even though I attended in 2012. I want to have a similar impression on incoming or prospective cadets, and I want that chance to help them decide if the Academy is truly the right decision for them, outside of the intense Chase Hall environment. Many people can make it through sounding off and push-ups, but once they are out of that environment and able to reflect, they can make better decisions about whether or not this is the correct life choice for them. I want to be there for that reflection because I love the Academy and I worked through almost every program offered over the course of four years to earn my appointment. I want to help ensure the cadets coming in truly want to be here and understand what the Academy will ask of them, and I hope to do that through the platform that most influenced me: Eagle.