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Looking Back, Looking Forward

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Jacqueline Jones

Hey guys!

Time is flying by. Winter break has ended, and classes are about to begin next Monday, so I want to take this time to reflect on last semester and explain what I look forward to for this upcoming spring semester. Last semester kept me busy with dance practice Monday through Thursday and performing at football games on the weekends. Despite always being busy with dance, I am always smiling when I am around my teammates. Our team dynamic was so close that we spent a lot of time together outside of practicing by eating dinner together in the wardroom or going out to eat or get our nails done during liberty hours. This bonding led us to have very fun experiences when we performed, especially on our trips to New York and Canada.

Other than spending time on the dance team, I also had a lot of division work. I am in Hotel Company, which is responsible for morale and community service. My division was eight people, two in each class and we were responsible for community service logistics. This means that we got in contact with the person in charge of a community service event and then our job was to coordinate volunteers, including setting up spreadsheets to sign up, making announcements about the event, and arranging transportation. Luckily for me, staying busy and helping my company is what gives me a sense of purpose.

Academically, I got to take electives for the first time since I have been at the Academy. I decided to push off taking Probability and Statistics and Principles of Electronic Communications to the spring semester, which are required classes for Marine Environmental Science majors. Instead I got to take Microeconomics and Emergency Management. The Emergency Management class allowed me to participate in an amazing opportunity to go to D.C. (HOME!!!) to visit Coast Guard Headquarters, the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Unfortunately, that means that this semester I take both Probability and Statistics, Principles of Electronic Communications, along with other Marine Environmental Science classes. I am looking forward and excited about Analytical Chemistry and Biological and Chemical Oceanography. I am also in a different division. In my new division, we are responsible for helping to announce community service events to the corps and keeping track of the number of community service hours the corps does. Each cadet is required to do six hours of service. However, the corps is so committed to actively participating in events within the New London community and surrounding areas that a lot of cadets end up doing more than the required amount.

Another change to this semester is that I will have to put away my dance shoes for a season. As future dance captain, I will be preparing for next fall season by looking into how we can improve our uniforms and routines. I will also be able to spend more time on other activities. For example, I am the Girl Scouts Coordinator for the Scoutmasters Club. Each year this club puts on an event to help Boy Scouts get merit badges. This year, I want to coordinate with the Girl Scouts to put on a similar event for them. This semester is going to be another busy one! Wish me luck! As always, if you have any questions hit me up via email.