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Yet Another Winter Leave Has Come and Gone

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Kirsten Sharp

Winter leave is always a great time for cadets to get away from the Academy, travel or stay at home, and just regroup. It is an amazing opportunity for us to come back fresh and ready to conquer another semester. As we all know, it is important to take some time away from work in order to gain a new perspective.

How much time we get over leave always depends on how far apart the winter holidays are from each other, and how many finals you have. I am somebody who cannot stay in one place for more than a few days without getting bored, so I love to travel as much as possible over leave.

This year we had about three weeks and I made the most out of those days by flying all over the country to visit my friends and family. I started off in my hometown in Pennsylvania, then flew out to our family’s horse ranch in Arizona. From Arizona, I flew out to the state of Washington to visit one of my friends who left the Academy when we were 4/c. She is actually enlisted and living a great life, so it was wonderful to be able to see her! Next, I flew down to Georgia to visit my grandparents, and then finished my journey in Florida to visit a friend that graduated last year and is having an excellent first tour as an ensign.

Sometimes people ask me how I am able to pull off so much traveling, and the answer is pretty simple. As cadets, we get a limited amount of time off every year. I save up money throughout the year by doing little things like only ordering food once every week or every few weeks, using the same Christmas decorations in my room since 4/c year instead of buying new ones each year, and being all-around frugal. This way, I can travel a bunch and be sure to make my rounds when we have leave!