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4/c Year Survival Guide

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Malia Haskovec

It is tough being at the bottom of the academic class food chain 4/c year. All the clocks, orderlies, cleaning, duty, squaring, and bracing up gets tiresome quickly. In addition, you have your standard cadet obligations of military training, classes, room and uniform standards, managing sports, and getting sufficient food and sleep. It can all be stressful, but these busy schedules make each and every day at school its own rewarding experience. To help ease the transition from civilian life into cadet life, I’ve compiled a list of some tips and tricks that have helped me and my classmates make it through our 4/c year.

  • Utilize your trunk and the class cages, it helps keep your room decluttered during room inspections.
  • Keep an extra of each uniform item as an “inspection pair,” e.g., leathers, covers, trop shirts, etc.
  • Get off base as much as possible through community service events, sports, weekend liberty, or off-base runs!
  • Be engaged during classes and talk to your teachers and academic advisor often. They are some of your biggest supporters at the Academy.
  • Also, don’t be afraid to talk to upper-class and your company officer and chief. They are all here to help you and ensure your success.
  • Join a club or affinity council! There are so many cool ones like Rugby Club, Glee, Asian Pacific-American Council, Spectrum, Genesis, Aviation Club, etc.
  • Take advantage of your personal shelf. Make it yours! Add some morale to the bleak white walls of the Chase Hall rooms.
  • Finally, know and understand that it is okay to fail. We all come from solid academic and athletic backgrounds where we were no strangers to success. The Academy is tailored to challenge us and sometimes failure is inevitable. Although it may be okay to fail, it is not okay to quit. Keep your head up, trust the process, and don’t be afraid to seek help!