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Family, Opportunities and a Chance to Serve

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Amy Chamberlin

With November here, Thanksgiving comes to mind. When times get tough at the Academy, everyone backs up a few steps and remembers what they are thankful for and why they decided to join the corps. It goes without saying that I am most thankful for my family and friends. If I am having a bad day, I know that I am one phone call away from support. I feel like there is a unique support system at the Academy ‒ something that wouldn't be as apparent at another college. The teachers, faculty, and really, everyone, at the Academy are looking out for you in some way.

I am also thankful for the opportunities that the Academy has given me. Besides the summer experiences, which I have written other blogs about, cadets get to listen to really unique speakers throughout the school year. Last year, we heard Mrs. Alexis Jones speak about our ever-changing society about how we treat one another. Following her speech, the Corps of Cadets heard the Commandant of the Coast Guard, Admiral Karl Schultz speak. In addition to speakers, there are unique ceremonies that the corps attends. A few weeks ago, Delta Company put on the Hall of Heroes where retired members of the Coast Guard received recognition for their hard work in our service. I have had the honor to get to know, and work with, one of the inductees, which has been an awesome experience.

Lastly, I am thankful to be in a service greater than anything I have been a part of. I think that cadets lose sight of our mission when times get hard. I try to think about the "why". Why do I struggle every day to finish all my work? Why do I choose to wake up early? The "whys" can keep going, but the answer is always constant. It is because the Coast Guard is much more than my shipmates and me. We are in a service that is about others. With the knowledge that I am gaining at the Academy, we are bettering ourselves to help those around us. To me, that makes everything worth it.

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