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Join Me on My 200-Week Adventure

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Jacob Cheeseman

Why do I want to be a cadet blogger? The answer is simple: I want to give back. Even though I am only a 3/c cadet, I want to inspire the next generation of cadets to come behind me. I remember reading through the blog posts when I had just started to be seriously interested in the Academy. Later, I turned to the blogs for advice before AIM and during the application process. Soon, the blogs gave me important motivational tips that I internalized before Swab Summer began. I want to share my cadet experience with others so they can learn from my mistakes and my successes. If I can inspire even one candidate to apply to the Academy, then I have been successful. But if I can inspire candidates to apply, come here, and succeed, then that would be even better.

I hope to share with you what is most important to me at the Academy. Obviously, I will discuss cadet life, including academics, military, and athletic training. In this program, I will be learning how to be a better cadet as I am writing! I also want to share the unique experiences that you can’t get anywhere else, such as meeting high ranking government officials, participating in historic ceremonies, etc. I want to show the human side of the Academy – having fun with my shipmates, growing in my Catholic faith, and becoming a better person! I hope that you can join me on my CGA adventure and learn with me as I progress through my 200-week journey to becoming a Coast Guard Officer – the ultimate goal and motivation for those who walk through the Chase Hall Archway on Day One!

Semper Paratus! Go Bears!