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Joshua Roh

It was about sophomore year in high school when I knew that the Academy was where I wanted to be. Coming from a landlocked state in the middle of the Midwest there weren’t all that many people who knew that there was a Coast Guard Academy let alone anything about it, so when I had questions about what I was trying to get myself into no one had any answers. So, naturally I had to turn to the internet and being the mildly obsessive person I am, I went through every single page of the Academy’s website. It took about a week to skim it all but I found the richest resource of information ever, the cadet blogs. To some it seemed like bits and pieces of scattered information and experiences, but having read everything else on the website, I was able to put some of these pieces together and eventually I had a rough idea of what life was like here. There, of course, was some verbiage, jargon, and references only a cadet would ever be able to understand and these added to the excitement of coming here. I looked forward to the day I would be able to understand these references too. These blogs gave me an extra drive to come here. I went to AIM my junior year and having a taste of the Academy and I was sure that this was what I wanted. Throughout the application process and after receiving my appointment I kept reading the blogs trying to find any new information and the more I found, the more excited I was to become a cadet.

I wanted to be able to help others in similar situations so I decided that the first chance I got I would join the Blog Club so that I could add my thoughts and experience to the program that had helped me so much. I’m excited to start my 200-week journey here and I hope share my experience with you all. If you ever have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected]; I will be happy to answer them and will try to respond quickly.