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Jasmine Rodriguez

I am 4/c Jasmine Rodriguez. My family followed my father’s Marine Corps career back and forth across the country to both coasts, which exposed me to a multitude of different cultures and lifestyles, all the while maintaining military standards and pride. My patriotism is founded in my parents’ examples of service to country and in my young memories of the impact of 9/11. Mixed with a love for the sea, I looked to service academies for an environment that would advance my education and my personal interests – the Coast Guard Academy was a perfect fit. After four applications, an enlistment in the Coast Guard, and a year preparing at Marion Military Institute through the Academy’s Scholars program, I finally made it. I have taken nearly every opportunity the Coast Guard Academy has to offer, and I want to share these amazing experiences with anyone even slightly considering a military academy. I love hearing others’ stories, and I love to write and share mine.

I strongly believe that there should be more enlisted members coming to the Academy – their experiences in Cape May and in the fleet better prepare them for the challenges of the school year and of the eventual challenges faced by our junior officers in connecting the wardroom to the chief’s mess. Last year, the Scholars program took more enlisted members than usual, but we lost some of our companions along the way. I believe if the Academy were advertised more accurately and efficiently to the enlisted corps that more members would be interested in taking on this great and rewarding challenge. I want to write to inspire, encourage, and persuade. I have attended almost every program CGA offers to civilians of all ages in an effort to network and make myself known. I spent thirteen years of my life wanting the Coast Guard Academy and five earning it. Now I’m here, and I want to share with as many people as possible exactly why it is the best service academy, the best school, and the best Coast Guard in the world.