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Continuing My Academic Journey

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Anthony Turner

Academy is right for you. It features entries from all types of cadets. By having each class provide entries into the blog, one can get a fairly well-rounded picture of life at the Academy. The blog also provides insight into life outside of the Academy, and into the mind of a cadet. While these experiences will differ for everyone, they can help an applicant figure out what might be in store for them.

That one such applicant was me. When I was applying to the Academy, I would read a blog entry nightly. Reading about the rigor of the academic year, the mental battle during Swab Summer, and the epic 3/c summer, I was even more excited to come here. Hopefully, I will be able to do the same for the future classes.

The Cadet Blog Club is much more than a small club. It’s the best way to recruit future cadets. I say this because, it’s always available and it’s from the cadets, to the prospective cadets. There is no other way to know about the Academy than to hear it from the people that are part of the program. Since each cadet has a different background, they can give a different insight into life at the USCGA. I want to provide a little more diversity to an already diverse program, and hopefully help a future cadet figure out that the Academy is a major gateway to success.