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Amazing Things on the Horizon

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Kirsten Sharp

Hey, audience. First of all, thanks for reading. My name is Kirsten Sharp, and I am from a tiny town in southern Pennsylvania. Like most cadets at the USCGA, I made good grades and just did well in high school altogether. I was Homecoming Queen, captain of the varsity girls’ soccer team, and president of lots of clubs, all while taking six AP classes my senior year. Needless to say, I have a weird ability to balance a million things at once. Also, I have done a lot of things in my old age of eighteen, but I have never blogged before, and I am thrilled at the opportunity to try something new.

More importantly, I love the USCGA. I decided to come here because of all of the amazing opportunities that have already begun to present themselves to me and my shipmates. From sailing Eagle this summer to meeting people from all walks of life, I am already learning so much about how to handle people and how to handle myself. I see the world opening up every day I wake up to that lovely reveille and prepare for my day. I see amazing things on the horizon for everyone here (and that is not just because my eyes are in the boat all the time). But, it is not enough for just me to see and feel this way anymore. I want to share these feelings with current cadets, parents of cadets, and prospective cadets. I want to remind cadets why they chose the Academy, reassure concerned parents of cadets who never hear from their kids, and encourage prospective cadets because we are truly living the dream. I think that I can accomplish all of this by blogging and expressing my innermost thoughts.