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2018: A Monumental Year

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Hannah Eshleman

2018. The year is finally upon us. For most, it will be another year full of escapades marked with happiness, sorrow, and more. For a small group of people though, this is a monumental year because it leads to the end of our time as cadets as well as the beginning of a new adventure. Assignment requests, “billet lists,” were due this previous Friday. Submitting my “job application” felt dreamlike. As cadets, you imagine the day that you will get the list of possible locations from Coast Guard detailers and rank your career choices. When I got the list, the options were overflowing. My eyes jumped from job to job, and it took me weeks to finally put them in order of preference because, honestly, every billet seemed intriguing. When the mouse finally clicked submit I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. The choice was out of my hands and the waiting game had begun.

While waiting, I’ve started the unstoppable reminiscing regarding my time here. The Academy has taught me immeasurable lessons throughout these past four years. I’ve watched myself and every other classmate grow and change from the struggle of late nights and the overwhelming number of opportunities available to us at this institution. I would not trade it for anything. People always ask me if I stayed at University of Colorado would I have wanted to, especially when it’s a late night or mentally taxing week, but I always have the same response. Never. I think this Academy prepares you as best as it possibly can for challenges that await you upon your first assignment. Whether it is learning how to problem solve, pushing yourself to excel in your weak spots, encouraging and uplifting others, or mentoring those around you, the connections and opportunities I have experienced here are unlike any other place I have ever been in my life, and I am truly grateful for that.