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Division Leadership in the Corps

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Hannah Eshleman

For this particular post I want to explain a little bit about my division here at the United States Coast Guard Academy. Within the Corps of Cadets, there are eight companies, all of whom reside in Chase Hall, the barracks for the corps. Within these eight companies there is a command staff made up of a company officer, company chief, and a cadet command staff. There are then division officers in each company that are all 1/c (senior) cadets. Each division has its own specific purpose and collateral tasks that they must take charge of throughout the semester. While there is a 1/c cadet that leads the division, there are also juniors, sophomores, and freshman assigned to each division. I am part of the inaugural room standards division, and I have two 2/c, two 3/c, and two 4/c cadets assigned to it with me. Our collateral is taking care of dayrooms and recycling, but our main focus this semester has been updating the regulations on room standards since they are slightly outdated.

Being a division leader has been a wonderful experience. I am fortunate to have very hardworking, talented individuals within my division that always challenge me to do my best seeing as they set such high examples themselves. You may think that as a division “leader” you are the one doing most of the teaching. While this is true, you do typically provide general oversight and knowledge into how the corps is run since you have been at this institution the longest. Something that surprised me about this semester is that I have received and learned more from my division than vice versa. Getting to know each of their individual personalities and seeing the family bond we have formed throughout the semester is inspiring and motivates me every day to set a good example. I don’t know where else in the United States you can find such a bond between people from a wide range of backgrounds, ages, and personalities that come together to accomplish a mission. I am hoping that this division bond I have here at the Academy will carry out next year when I am assigned a division in the fleet.