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As October Comes to a Close

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Hannah Eshleman

The fact that October is almost over stuns me. This month has flown by. Between academics, fall ball lacrosse, and various singing groups, there is barely enough time in the day to get everything done that needs doing. My favorite class this year is Intro to Mechanical Engineering Design. Today, we finished working on our finger engines. The finger engine is composed of a flywheel, shaft, post, base, blades, lever, connecting rod, and crank. We made each of these parts out of aluminum or steel in the lab. The lab lasts for three hours once a week and the class is two times a week for an hour. In the lab, we get to use (for my first time!) lathes, mills, drills, horizontal and vertical band saws, and more fun power tools. It is by no means a boring class. Next week, we start making our unloader projects. We will work in a group for this project instead of individually. The planning process for the unloaders has been happening for several weeks, and now we get to make our plans and designs real. Hopefully, our designs will work to move rocks and pellets from one bucket to another with two degrees of separation.

Outside of academics, fall ball for lacrosse is coming to a close. We have a tournament this weekend, and then we start getting ready for the spring season with the strength training coach. Even in the last month, we have already started to work better together as a team as we get to know everyone more. For Glee Club, we had the Coast Guard Foundation dinner in NYC last week and go back to NYC for the Yacht Club dinner next week. Fairwinds (a girls’ singing group within Glee Club) finished working on a Mamma Mia medley, and I must say it is stuck in my head constantly, but I really love that we’re learning new music. As always, feel free to email me with any questions/stories/concerns/etc. Have a great day!