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Why the Coast Guard Academy?

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Taylor Holland

When I was a junior in high school looking at where I wanted to continue my education, it was evident to me that I should be in the military. So my applications to the service academies went out and though I was double nominated, the rejections came rolling in except for USAF ROTC and the USCG Academy. I was on the waitlist for nearly four months until I was told that I should just accept my ROTC scholarship…so I did; however, I kept reading cadet blogs.

After I accepted my ROTC scholarship, I kept being drawn to the Coast Guard Academy by reading about the awesome experiences cadets were having through their blog pages. Surely enough, I was lucky to be plucked from the waitlist and appointed to the great Class of 2018. My time here at the Academy has been a dream come true, and I want to be able to inspire other prospective cadets to live out their dreams here in New London.

Very Respectfully,
2/c Holland