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So...It Has Been a While

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Derek Silliman

I am quite guilty of neglecting my blog over most of the year, so I’m going to try to update what’s happened with me over the past year over the next few weeks, starting with the fall. Swab Summer ended and that was one of the best feelings ever. The next week was Cadet Administrative Processing week, which was a lot of fun and we had various trainings and lectures to get us oriented for the academic year. The week ended with a formal room and wing, which I passed. I had a really good roommate first semester and that Friday my roommate, me, and one other friend went to my house for the weekend. Going home for the first time since reporting in incredible. My fellow cadets and I had a great time. After the weekend, we returned to the Academy to jump into academics.

This was when I joined the Academy’s dinghy sailing team. It’s a really great group of people, and I love being part of the team. I thought I was a pretty good sailor recreationally, but getting into competitive racing I learned I have a lot of skills to pick up. After two weeks of academics and practice I returned home, this time for three nights over Labor Day weekend. After that, I assisted at a number of regattas on the weekends for the sailing team. As just a walk-on with little previous racing experience, I had a lot of catching up to do before they would let me race. I had the last weekend in September off from sailing and my parents came down for Parent’s Weekend. They got to see my classes on Friday and they took me off campus Friday and Saturday night and we checked out an old whaling village called Mystic.

Two weeks later, I had another three-night weekend for Columbus Day. I spent that weekend with my family in New York City while my younger sister visited colleges. While in New York I caught up with an old friend I had not seen in forever. I also went to the Freedom Tower, and as a member of the military, I was able to go up for free. It was an incredible thing to see New York from the top of the Freedom Tower. During the journey to the top, we got to hear an interesting history of the City of New York. On that Sunday, I saw the musical Hamilton, which told the incredible story of the life of the father of the Coast Guard. At the end of that weekend I returned to the Academy. And that was my first half of first semester. I’ll post another update on the rest of first semester soon, and hopefully I will eventually catch up to the present.