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Prepping to be a Cadet

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Jill Friedman

I want to be a cadet blogger because the blogs helped me stay motivated in prep school, which gave me a way to communicate with cadets and I want to be able to help other prospective cadets the way I was helped. When I applied to the Academy in my senior year of high school, I was wait-listed for prep school. After emailing my Admissions Officer almost every week, I received an appointment to the Coast Guard Academy Scholars program. This left me wondering what the prep program was and what Marion Military Institute was like because I had not heard much about it until I was appointed to the program. That said, I want to provide an outlet for prep school prospects.

While at Marion, I would often read blogs to help stay motivated and keep the end goal of getting to the Academy in mind. Having the perspective of going through prep school to get to the Academy allows me to explain a different route into the Academy other than direct admission. Also, after prep school and before the start of Swab Summer I went to Sector Northern New England and was able to spend six weeks working with the assets there. Being the only person in my prep class to stay active gives me a unique perspective on the opportunities that are opened if admitted to the prep program.