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CrossFit Club

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Pat Wheeler

Every cadet is an athlete; that is a simple fact here at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Whether one sails, shoots, runs, or plays any of a number of sports, athleticism is engrained in each and every individual here who wears the cadet anchors. The varsity sports receive much of the spotlight but the club sports are the ones with the most variety. One such activity that receives a sports credit is the CrossFit Club. This club consists of cadets who aspire to partake in CrossFit-style lifts and workouts and, eventually, compete in local CrossFit competitions. The bulk of the club are members of a gym approximately one mile from base. It is here where local instructors teach and train cadets on the various forms, techniques, and levels of CrossFit.

When I joined the club as a 4/c cadet, there were only four or five members. The club was tight-knit and most of us ran to and from the gym together every day. Now, the club has expanded to several dozen cadets! This immense rate of growth can be attributed to two things: one, the fact that the club now receives a sports credit and, two, the club president, 3/c Austin Childs, has taken genuine ownership of the club and continuously seeks to expand its role within the Corps of Cadets. I personally enjoy the CrossFit Club as the workouts are extremely intense, driving us hard over the course of each hour-long session. The comradery within the club is also unparalleled; performing crazy difficult workouts every day is made better by having your best friends alongside you suffering as well! Go CrossFit Club! Go Bears!