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Resilience Over Perfection

(Academics, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2025) Permanent link
Mia Martinelli

As we are getting into the final weeks of classes and exams, it is nice to reflect on my Thanksgiving break. That was the first time I have been able to go home since S-day! It is crazy to think that I have been here for 6 months. I went home to a full house of my parents, my four older sisters, and their super cute pets. We played board games, went to yoga classes, walked on the bridge, watched movies, and baked and decorated cookies. It was so relaxing and rejuvenating. We laughed till our faces hurt. My oldest sister bought everyone matching Christmas pajamas that I am looking forward to wearing again soon. With all this great stuff over break, it feels difficult to be back at the Academy. But I definitely feel a newfound appreciation for traveling, oddly. I used to find it stressful to travel alone but last week I was nothing but relaxed and happy… even on my way back. I think that is coming from a place of confidence and independence that I have gained from being here the last half of a year.

Overall, I am happy with how my grades are turning out as I prepare for exams. Yes, the added challenge of the Academy makes classes harder than high school (in my experience), but I also feel even prouder of my work here. Initially it was difficult for me to not be disappointed in the grades that I was getting compared to my high school grades, but I realized that I am truly doing the best that I can. I have found it is much better for my mental health to measure my effort over the result. I think that this encourages me to work on resilience instead of perfection. See you in the new year!