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Best Experience of My Life

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Morin Samples

As a military child, I have seen countless military movies about basic training and the life of someone who serves our country. I always thought it was just an easy couple of pushups or just some running and chanting. As a shipmate in the Bravo company, we did endure the stereotypical basic training, however, it was not as easy as it seemed. In the past years, I have struggled with confidence. In school, I would never really say an answer because I was too afraid to share my answer. This week changed everything for me. I feel so much more confident, and I believe in myself! This experience was amazing! My parents were so proud of me but didn’t realize how similar my camp was to Swab Summer.

I have learned so much about myself and the Academy. This week my shipmates and I explored the different majors. My roommates and I thought that civil engineering and naval architecture were the best majors offered. At the end of the week, we were all extremely close and got to know each other well.

As soon as AIM was over I started to work on my application for the Academy. Well, I had to wait for my parents to pick me up because they were driving from North Carolina. I sat in Leamy Hall watching my former cadre be normal people and order coffee. It was the strangest experience.

AIM was one of the best experiences of my life. It made me realize that there is no other place for me. I met some of the best people and challenged myself more than I ever had. My team and I got to work together on projects and learn new things about the Academy. I would recommend AIM to anyone who is interested in the United States Coast Guard Academy.