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I Was Expecting Hard, But This is Another Level

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Emily LeBrun

I am no longer “I.” Since the beginning of the week I have been known as “AIMster LeBrun” and must refer to myself as such. This past week has taught AIMster LeBrun so much about herself and others. AIMster LeBrun learned about respect and teamwork and worked specifically on those skills.

The Academy itself is beautiful. I always saw pictures and videos that show the Academy, but they never did it justice. The Academy is so much more than just college dorms and lunchrooms. This campus is rich in history and tradition. Everything at this place has a purpose and a meaning behind it, and that is very special to AIMster LeBrun.

AIMster LeBrun…I was told that this Academy program was the most intense and most like Swab Summer. I wouldn’t doubt that for a second. This is hard. I was expecting hard, but this is another level.

This week started on Sunday and we were thrown right into it. The first few days were very rough, especially for me, but I stayed and persisted throughout the week. I am so happy I continued to push through and make it to the end. Tomorrow is graduation and I get to see my parents and retrieve my phone. And if anyone is wondering, you do not miss your phone. You are way too busy to even think about your phone during this week of intense training.

This week I met Swabs and discussed their experiences with them. I learned so much in a span of five days. I picked up on marching cadences and learned how to and when to square. I became even better at keeping a straight face and I believe I will be making a much more informed decisions about my college career after this week.