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One of the Best Experiences of My Life

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Mary Coady

So, I have survived the AIM program. It was the experience of a lifetime! I loved every minute of it, but now it is over. My parents and four younger brothers picked me up from graduation with smiling faces, and we drove up to Maine for a family event.

However happy I was to be reunited with my family, I found it hard to relax without my bravo family. When we arrived at our location we sat down to a family dinner, but I found it too hard to relax and eat without my shipmates; out of my entire experience that was the first and only time I cried. I called my former roomie and talked with her for a few minutes, then I went back and sat down with my family. In these days after graduation, many of my shipmates have said that they have had similar experiences, but we have all slowly gone back to normal life, but now with 25 new friends to talk with.

Since coming home many people have asked me about my AIM experience, and every time, I preface my description by saying that “It was one of the best experiences of my life!” Because it was. I talk about the stress of meal time, the sounding off, an extremely competitive kickball game, a helicopter landing, the multiple smoke sessions, the running, the triumph over Alpha in a very intense planking competition, and the subsequent funeral for Alpha’s pride. I tell of the many struggles, triumphs, and adventures that made me a part of something bigger than myself, part of a team. I hope to get the opportunity to experience the same things next year at the Academy.

In case it is not obvious through my writing, I had an amazing experience! I would definitely recommend going to AIM, but that said, I will not say it is an experience for everyone. It pushes your boundaries, but it has made me realize that I can challenge myself more, it has made me more confident in my abilities. So I definitely recommend AIM as a way to challenge yourself and test yourself to the limit, and to also make lifelong friends. If that sounds appealing to you then please try it! I had an amazing experience and I hope anyone reading this in the future who goes to AIM, shares that same experience.