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I Need To Experience It

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Morin Samples

I have wanted to come to the Coast Guard Academy since the seventh grade. To give a little background, I was at an interest meeting with my brother for all the military academies. At the time he wanted to go to the Air Force Academy. I was losing interest until a woman walked onto the stage and started to talk about her career. She was a Coast Guardswoman saving turtles on the coast of North Carolina. Ever since then I have devoted myself to attending the Academy. However, I was only in seventh grade and college seemed so far away. In the past four years I have been going on USCGA’s website looking at the majors, the programs offered, and a better reason to attend the Academy other than saving turtles. This year I saw the AIM summer program. I was instantly excited and knew that I had to apply. I needed something to confirm that the Academy life was for me. I can read all about the Coast Guard Academy and listen to people who attended the school, but I need to experience it.

Currently, at my house, it is just me and my mom. My dad is in Florida due to the Army and my brother is at USCGA. So, as I was applying to AIM no one really understood what I was doing. My brother didn’t go to AIM and surprisingly knew nothing about it. I mentioned AIM to my parents during the application process but that was all they knew. It wasn't until I was visiting my brother in New London when my family finally knew what I was applying for. I was waiting for the acceptance letter and my parents did not understand why I was so nervous that day. Once I received the letter, the questions came. Now my parents are over the moon about AIM. My brother can't wait for me to experience it. My dad is really excited for me. He is happy for me because I worked hard on the application and I earned acceptance to AIM.

In the days leading up to my departure to New London, I am getting more nervous. I have been working all summer on my fitness and now I start to think, “What if I haven’t done enough.” I often reassure myself that I have. I don’t have any other concerns than that. On the other hand, I am really looking forward to making new friends. I can’t wait to meet people who have the same interests as me! It’s difficult to try to find someone in Pinehurst, North Carolina who wants to go to the Coast Guard Academy. I am also really looking forward to the Academy life. I really cannot wait to get to AIM!!