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The Nerves are Turning into Excitement

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Emily LeBrun

Hello everyone! Emily here! Next week I go to the Academy for the third week of the Academy Introduction Mission. I am beyond excited, but I am also nervous. I wanted to come to AIM to make sure the Academy was the right place for me. I have always wanted to go to the Academy, but this is to confirm that this is where I am meant to be. This coming week I am looking forward to meeting like-minded people and experience life at the Academy. I cannot wait to meet my cadre and I am also very excited to stay in Chase Hall and feel like a real USCGA cadet.

I don’t have many concerns about the coming week. I usually wake up fairly early, I am a very active person, and I love working as a team and helping others. I am sure this week will live up to my expectations and most definitely surpass them.

Like I said I have wanted to go to the Academy for years now. My family has always been supportive about my decisions and have encouraged me to live my dreams. They have been nothing but helpful throughout this process and I know they are very proud of me.

This week my nerves are definitely turning into excitement and I cannot wait to see what AIM holds in store for me and my fellow AIMsters. I will touch base when I am at the Academy. Talk soon!