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Really Hard, But Not Impossible

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Isabelita Sekulovic

Day One of AIM certainly caught everyone by surprise. To be honest, I did not know what a cadre was before reporting to the Coast Guard Academy, but believe me when I say I learned fast; more often than not, cadre are intense and may come off as scary to anyone who is unfamiliar with military training. With this being said, they are not individuals to be frightened by because at the end of the day, they are there for everyone’s best interest and they want AIMsters to thrive throughout the program.

For those who do not know, AIM is divided into multiple groups which are known as platoons and each platoon contains several AIMsters. AIM is packed with activities from 0530 in the morning until 2200 at night. An activity I enjoyed was sailing, it was a relaxing time, mainly because we were away from cadre, but also a time to reflect on the program along with appreciating the beauty of the Academy. Besides, there were Cliff bars!

Coming to AIM, I expected to establish friendships, but I did not expect to bond as a family in such a short amount of time. I can easily say that others and I are going to walk away from AIM with lifelong friendships.

Additionally, with the motivation from cadre, fellow shipmates, and staff of the Academy, my shipmates and I were able to comprehend the importance of mind over matter. I know for a fact that if there was no support from others during physical challenges, I would have told myself that I could not do it and that would have made it much more difficult to complete the tasks at hand.

The program so far is doing an excellent job at showcasing what the Academy is and has to offer.

All I have left to say is that AIM is hard, really hard, but not impossible and that is because of the family you have pushing you through it.