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More Determined Than Ever

(Initial Impressions, Mid-Week) Permanent link   All Posts
Mary Coady

My initial impressions of AIM were very good. I was and am very happy with my group. I am in the Bravo platoon, which has come to be a new family over these past few days. The cadre truly want us to succeed, and I can see this in their actions, especially the amount of time they spend with us working on drills. I was expecting most of the events that happened, but I think the one thing that surprised me was talking to the cadre when they were relaxed.

My AIM experience has been amazing! I was not expecting certain things, but overall, I would say the one thing that surprised me was the number of things I had to memorize. I enjoyed everything, even the smoke sessions because they were challenging, but I rolled my ankle and was not able to participate in certain athletic events because of it. I was very disappointed about that, but the cadre did an amazing job of encouraging me and those others who were injured. I especially enjoyed hanging out with my shipmates during the relaxing time and participating in the creation of nicknames for each other. I have one more day to go, and I am confident in the success of my shipmates and I in this last day. At the moment, I am more determined than ever to apply, and get into the USCGA, and AIM has fermented that fact in my mind. I conclude by saying that I am thoroughly satisfied with my AIM experience.