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Future Possibilities

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Mackenzie Boose

Before hearing my mentors talk about the military, I never considered joining the Coast Guard since no one in my family has ever been in the military. Once that door was opened, my mind filled with possibilities of a future in the service.

With AIM being next week I am thrilled to finally get a taste of Academy life. I was hoping to attend AIM ever since I joined the United States Coast Guard junior leadership program my freshman year of high school. A lot of my classmates raved about it. But my main reason for wanting to come to AIM is to really see all the different majors, activities and get a feel for what pathway I would love to go down - whether that be naval engineering or marine biology.

I am most looking forward to meeting new people from so many different places. Being from a small town I have grown up with the same people my whole life; it would be great to branch out and meet new people with different life experiences. I am also interested in hearing from cadets themselves about their experiences and tips for rising seniors who want to apply to the Academy. Additionally, I am super interested in being able to explore the campus re thoroughly throughout my week at AIM, especially since there is such a rich history with a lot of buildings and areas within the campus.

The only concerns I have with AIM have to do with nerves. A lot of people get nervous when doing something new in their life and being in a new environment. Adapting to a new place with people you don't know in a strict environment can be hard, but when I take a deep breath I realize all the other people participating in AIM probably feel the same way and I am not alone. In the end, I am hoping these first day nerves will fade with the first day and by the end I wouldn't want to leave the Academy or the new friends I made. I know I will come home with overwhelming confidence and excitement to share.