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Only Elation & Enthusiasm

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Isabelita Sekulovic

My dream, since I was a little girl, has been to join the military. As I’ve grown, I’ve explored different paths to achieving that goal. The Coast Guard Academy is a strong, potential path and one that excites me. I want to attend AIM so I can seal the deal on my final decision. I expect AIM to challenge me mentally and physically. Also, I’m ecstatic about trying new things. I can’t wait to encounter the new activities at AIM that I have not yet come across. I know my experience at AIM will only build my motivation to attend the U.S Coast Guard Academy.

Many times, I have shared my career aspirations with other individuals in my community. Not once have I met anyone with similar goals. I am really looking forward to networking with like-minded students who are just as passionate about attending the U.S. Coast Guard Academy as I am. AIM will be the perfect opportunity to make new friendships where we will hold each other accountable and encourage each other during the application process. Along with that, I’m excited to see the campus and learn about its traditions.

Often, when I tell close friends and family that I will join the military, they always voice their concerns. I can’t say the same for myself. I have only elation and enthusiasm. As soon as I found out I was selected for AIM, I’ve been exhilarated. I can confidently say I have no concerns for AIM. I’m ready to embark on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! My family has their own thoughts, but they are thrilled I will take part in AIM. They are unfamiliar with the military and want me to get as much exposure as I can before making it a huge chapter in my life. I know I will come home with overwhelming confidence and excitement to share with them.