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A Great Place to Be in 2021

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Elizabeth Meyer

Sometimes things don't always go as planned. For me, participating in AIM virtually was not what I had planned. However, while this may not have been the ideal way for me and my fellow AIMsters to spend the week learning about the Academy, it was very effective.

Throughout this AIM experience I learned so much more than I first expected. Not only did my cadres relay an extremely large amount of information but they also kept everyone engaged and excited to learn. Each day was jam packed with new and exciting things for each of us to take away from the program. They had something for everyone: sports, clubs, academics, academy history, and so much more.

Even though virtual AIM was not what I had planned for, it truly was a wonderful experience. I learned that even though we might not be able to meet face-to-face we still have the ability to come together in order to achieve a common goal. While we couldn’t come together at the Academy, I believe that my fellow AIMsters, cadre, and I were able to have fun and get to know each other which was extremely impactful.

This virtual experience definitely opened my eyes to all the possibilities this Academy has. They really do have something for everyone out there. This program showed me that challenging yourself is important for future successes. Virtual AIM made it even clearer to me that USCGA would be a great place to be in 2021.