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Completely Changed My Mind

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Madison Nualart

Overall, I had an amazing AIM experience. I learned so much about the Coast Guard Academy and everything that comes with being a part of this wonderful community. I met so many people that have the same interests and aspirations as me. I hope to stay in contact with them and see where they end up deciding to go to college next year.

This virtual experience has taught me a lot of skills that can be used when working online for my future classes. The main skill I learned was how to control the things that are in my control. Technology is still a work in progress to this day so not everything is always going to go correctly. So I cannot stress about the technical difficulties that I cannot control, but instead fix the things I can.

At first I wasn’t 100% set on going to the Coast Guard Academy, but this AIM experience completely changed my mind. Every day of this program I learned more and more, making me want to go to this academy. They have so many clubs, sports, and activities that spark my interest. They also go on so many crazy adventures in really cool places. I am very excited to apply and hopefully attend the Coast Guard Academy next summer.