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Realizing How Much Can Be Experienced through a Screen

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Elizabeth Meyer

When I first found out that AIM was going to be conducted online this year I had a lot of questions. The biggest one being, how is this all actually going to work? The idea of doing an all-inclusive camp about life at the Academy online seemed unrealistic at first. Now as I have participated in a few days, I have realized how much can truly be experienced through a screen.

So far through this program, I have learned so many new things about not only the Academy but also myself. With interactive guides such as the FIT booklet we were provided and daily workouts, it feels to me as if we were actually at the Academy. I never expected that I could learn so much just by signing on to a Teams call. This program has opened my eyes to so many new things I didn’t even know were possible.

One of my favorite things about this virtual program is having discussions with our platoons. I find it fascinating to learn about people all over the country and what brought them specifically to AIM. It is very refreshing to see that even with all that's going on in the world that we all still have the same goals for the future which is to serve our country.

My favorite experience so far in this program would definitely be learning about all the activities available at the Academy. I found it somewhat surprising seeing that an Academy dedicated to serving also has somewhere for each person to have fun. Not only does the Academy have athletic activities, it also has musical, religious, and other activities.