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An Incredible Experience So Far

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Madison Nualart

My virtual AIM experience has been incredible so far. I have learned so much every day and I am continuing to do so. I expected for this journey to be very informative but this has exceeded my expectations. Due to the program being moved to a virtual platform, I lowered my expectations for AIM. However, the program has actually been extremely hands-on and interactive. I have been able to make long lasting relationships with like-minded individuals. I have learned everything I need to know about the campus life, clubs and sports, application process, and more. AIM could not have been more informative about what the Coast Guard offers.

My favorite part of the AIM program so far has been the time we spend in our own divisions. This time is so enjoyable because we are able to have one on one time with our cadre and peers. Everyone’s personalities are really shown during this time. It is also really nice to see how different everyone’s interests and aspirations are. My cadre was super nice and was very excited to answer all of the questions we had for her.